Food Deserts and Wage Deserts: The Importance of Metaphor in Policy and Activism - comments Food Deserts and Wage Deserts : The Importance of Metaphor in Policy and Activism 2015-04-29T06:26:00Z 2015-04-29T06:26:00Z <p>Thank you for the article. I've lived in Philadelphia for many years of my life. Seeing how badly things have deteriorated in the working class neighborhoods is proof of just how much the "American Dream" is more like a sick joke.</p> <p>Neighborhoods in places like this contain buildings literally falling apart, schools without adequate supplies and a majority of the population looking to survive in any way possible.</p> <p>I'm hoping your journal serves to give a voice to people who have none, no power to change anything and a government that blames them for being poor.</p> <p>Even though the media paints the protesters in Baltimore as monsters...when you live with the limited options available to you in's not hard to see how and where the rage comes from. America, in so many ways, is a failure.</p> <p>With the unfettered greed and imbalance of wealth ; I can't see an end to this inequity which isn't anything short of a disaster.</p>