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Danièle Voldman

Danièle Voldman is a historian and a CNRS research fellow based at Paris‑1 Panthéon–Sorbonne University. Her work focuses on contemporary cities from a social, architectural and urbanistic standpoint. Her recent publications concern the Parisian working classes in the interwar period (notably La Garçonne et l’Assassin, Paris, Payot, 2011). As the curator of a number of history exhibitions (including Amours, guerres et sexualité, 1914‑1945, Bibliothèque de Documentation Internationale Contemporaine (BDIC)/Musée des Invalides, 2007; and 1912‑2012 : cent ans de logement social, Saint‑Denis, 2012), part of her work also focuses on the methodology of history exhibitions.


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