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Flaminia Paddeu

Flaminia Paddeu holds a PhD in geography and is a postdoctoral fellow within LADYSS (Laboratoire Dynamiques Sociales et Recomposition des Espaces – Social Dynamics and Spatial Reconfiguration Laboratory), a partner institution of Dynamite (Dynamiques Territoriales et Spatiales – Territorial and Spatial Dynamics), a recognized French laboratory of excellence (LabEx). Her doctoral thesis examined civic mobilizations in favor of environmental and food justice in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Detroit in Michigan and the Bronx in New York City, and was completed within the EneC mixed research unit (Espaces, Nature et Culture – Spaces, Nature and Culture; UMR CNRS 8185) at Paris‑4 Sorbonne University. Her current research focuses on urban environmental and food-related movements in the United States and France.


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