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Pierre Gilbert

Pierre Gilbert is a lecturer at Paris‑8 University and a member of the CRESSPA–CSU mixed research unit (Paris Centre for Sociological and Political Research – Urban Cultures and Societies). His work focuses on the role of space in the construction of social groups and the analysis of social relationships of class, gender and race. In particular, he has studied the transformations of working-class populations in social-housing neighbourhoods, based on a survey on the effects of contemporary urban-renewal policy in France. He is currently researching the construction of gender inequalities in couples who are parents of young children, as part of a collective survey conducted in different geographical areas and among different social classes.

His publications include “Devenir propriétaire en cité HLM. Petites promotions résidentielles et évolution des styles de vie dans un quartier populaire en rénovation” (Politix, issue no. 101, 2013), and he recently edited an issue of Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales on the theme of social classes in the home (“Les classes sociales au foyer”, issue no. 215, 2016).

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