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Jean Bosvieux

Jean Bosvieux, a statistician and economist, is research director at ANIL (the French National Housing Information Agency). Having occupied various roles at the Agency, he has developed a keen interest in a wide range of issues associated with the housing economy, in particular the operation of housing markets and the impact of public policy.

He has recently published “Incitations fiscales à l’investissement locatif : succès quantitatif, ciblage imparfait” (“Tax incentives for rental investment: a quantitative success, imperfectly targeted”), Regards croisés sur l’économie, no. 9, 2011/1, pp. 162–171; and, in conjunction with Bernard Coloos, “Accession à la propriété, mobilité résidentielle et emploi” (“Access to home ownership, residential mobility and employment”), Habitat Actualité, ANIL, January 2011.


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