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Jean-Christophe Bardot

Jean-Christophe Bardot is a photographer. He studies took him into the fields of architecture and the history of photography before embarking upon a career in images, via the theatre. He joined Le Bar Floréal in 2005. He lives in the Yvelines département, to the west of Paris. His interests include the transformations of urbanised territories and the lifestyles of the people who live in these spaces.

In 2008, he travelled to the Lorraine region, in the north-east of France, and in particular to former steelworking communities, where he photographed the new European development clusters that have been created nearby in France, Belgium and Luxembourg for the exhibition “Retour en Lorraine” (“Return to Lorraine”). After two years documenting the urban renewal of the Pierre Sémard neighbourhood of Saint-Denis, in the inner northern suburbs of Paris, he produced a series of photographs titled “Un hiver” (“A Winter”) concerning the demolition of a block of flats. “Un hiver” was presented at the La Cambre Photography and Architecture Biennial in Brussels, and is currently touring as part of a collective exhibition called “Grands ensembles, 1960‑2010” (“Housing Projects, 1960–2010”) initiated by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication.

Together with fellow photographer Olivier Pasquiers, he is currently working on intangible cultural heritage and the ways in which this heritage is passed on, on behalf of the Fédération des écomusées et musées de société (French Federation of Ecomuseums and Folk Museums), for an exhibition in 2014. He also contributes to seminars for master’s degree students at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles (Versailles School of Architecture).

His photographs have recently featured in four collective published works: Monmousseau, 2 automnes et 3 étés (Le Bar Floréal, 2010), Retour en Lorraine (Trans Photographic Press, 2009), Nous (Le Bar Floréal, 2007) and En Coulisses (Le Bar Floréal, 2007).


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