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The Geography of Financial Crisis

An interview with David Harvey

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David Harvey is a leading figure of the marxist critique of neoliberalism. During his last stay in France, in October 2010, he answered a few quick questions on his relationship to Paris, on the geography of the financial crisis and on Utopia and social movements.

Dossier : Penser la ville avec Marx

Video 1: Space, Marx and Paris

Duration: 3:26
Question 1: You propose a spatial reading of Marx’s critique of capitalism. Could you tell us how his work has helped you elaborate your own thought?
Question 2: Walter Benjamin read in Paris’ 19th century architecture the prehistory of modern capitalism. Has Paris inspired you in similar ways ?

Video 2: The Geography of financial crisis

Duration: 6:17
Question 3: Could you summarize the effect of the financial crisis on cities and their population, beyond the evictions linked to subprime mortgages?
Question 4: You defend the idea that each new crisis is worse than the previous one. However, financial organizations seem to show an extraordinary resilience to these crises. Are we headed for an even bigger crash?

Video 3: Utopian visions and social movements

Duration: 3:36
Question 4: In Spaces of Hope, you conclude the book with an unusual chapter on a Utopian society. Is hope contained in this other space or can it be observed in already existing social movements?
Question 5: Where are social movements being organized ?

Further reading

Books by David Harvey referred to in the interview

  • Harvey, David. 2000. Spaces of Hope, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh; University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, (translated into Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese).
  • Harvey, David. 2003. Paris, Capital of Modernity, New York, Routledge, (translated into Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Harvey, David. 2010. The Enigma of Capital: and the Crises of Capitalism, Oxford University Press.

Livres de David Harvey traduits en français

  • Harvey, David. 2008. Géographie de la domination, Paris: Les prairies ordinaires.
  • Harvey, David. 2010. Géographie et capital. Vers un matérialisme historico-géographique, Paris: Syllepse.
  • Harvey, David. 2010. Le Nouvel impérialisme, Paris: Les prairies ordinaires.

David’s Harvey webpage and class on Marx’s Capital

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