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Self-managed housing at the Maison du Val

An interview with Alain His

by Alain His & Olivier Ratouis & translated by Oliver Waine, on 12 December 2012

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Alain His, co-founder of the Maison du Val in Meudon, near Paris, talks to us about this self‑managed housing complex created at the end of the 1970s, the philosophy it espouses, what sets it apart from other forms of housing, and how community life there has evolved over the last three decades.

Series: Mutual Housing

The Maison du Val, an apartment complex founded on the principles of self-managed housing, opened in Meudon (in the south-western suburbs of Paris) in 1980. It was initially home to 10 families, comprising 18 adults and 27 children. The complex takes the form of a U-shaped building of between three and six storeys. In addition to the 10 family apartments – each of which is different, and some of which are interconnected – and the garden in the centre of this compact site, the group decided to give a prominent role to communal spaces, which together amount to more than 250 m² (2,700 sq. ft). In doing so, they gave a physical embodiment to the core value of this project: a desire to share. Over the years, these facilities have accommodated a variety of functions: a parental crèche, choir rehearsals, monthly residents’ meetings over dinner, painting and pottery workshops, and even two studio apartments intended for visiting family members or for people in emergency housing situations.

Alain His, born in 1937, is married with four grown-up children, and an engineer by profession. He was one of the founders – along with nine other families – of the SCIA (société civile immobilière d’attribution, a non-trading real-estate company granting co‑property rights to each member of the group) for the Maison du Val, where he has lived since 1980. At the time, the MHGA (Mouvement pour l’Habitat Groupé Autogéré, or Movement for Self-Managed Group Housing; now known as Éco Habitat Groupé), to which the residents of the Maison du Val were affiliated, included around 100 projects of this type. Here, Alain His talks about the beginnings of the Maison du Val and the residents’ expectations of the development.

Question 1

What was the guiding philosophy behind the creation of the Maison du Val in Meudon?

Question 2

Could you tell us a little about the design process and your working relationship with the architect?

Question 3

How has life in the Maison du Val changed over the years?

Question 4

Does self-managed housing induce a different way of life?

Further reading

Éco Habitat Groupé: http://www.ecohabitatgroupe.fr (in French)

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Maison du Val – street facade © Olivier Ratouis Maison du Val – entrance © Olivier Ratouis Maison du Val – exterior © Olivier Ratouis Maison du Val – exterior © Olivier Ratouis Maison du Val – exterior © Olivier Ratouis

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  • On 11 March 2013 at 06:36, by Lynette Peters Replying to: Self-managed housing at the Maison du Val

    Bonjour Alain!

    Nice to see you on this website!

    A friend of my parents, Wayne McGuire, MAY be in Paris in the middle of May! I told him he should try to find The Maison du Val to say hello! Don’t be surprised if he knocks on your door! Hah! Please say hello to Fanny...and your wonderful neighbors, Damien et Jacqueline!

    I miss you! (I loved listening to you talk about your home! WONDERFUL!)

    Goodbye from Seattle!

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    Best wishes! Very good blog! doradzamy

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