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Contesting Economies of Displacement and Dispossession

13 January, by Joshua Akers
In response to a tense post-election moment in the US, the Metropolitics editorial committee has initiated Rapid-Response Peer Review, with a commitment to quickly reviewing and publishing articles that examine organizing and activism around crucial urban issues. Our second call was for papers related to housing policy. Here, Joshua Akers describes Detroit’s housing crisis, characterized by speculation, displacement, and increasingly violent evictions, and profiles Detroit Eviction Defense, a coalition that has successfully combined a judicial strategy with direct protest. John Krinsky argues for a sustained public commitment to housing at the state and local level—a “progressive federalism”— to prevent the worsening of New York City’s current housing crisis. And Elora Raymond deploys unique research on the location of underwater mortgages to suggest that housing, not jobs, may hold the key to reigniting progressive politics in the Rust Belt.
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